Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Sun - a mail art call from Philippe Charron

While yesterday's solar eclipse visible in North America is on everyone's minds, I am very happy to announce that Philippe Charron is hosting his first mail art call.

I am sure you have seen his amazing envelopes on my and Eric's blogs.

Here are the details:

Theme: Send me your sun, and you will receive mine.
Size and thechniques are free.
No deadline.

Send your contribution to :

Philippe Charron
5 Impasse de la pierrière
17220 Bourgneuf

Don't hesitate to spread the news so that Philippe receives lots of sunshine!

Here is the latest clever and beautiful envelope Philippe sent to me:

A bonus sun picture from yesterday's eclipse...


  1. This envelope from Philippe is hilarious.

    1. funny, and clever, and cute. A perfect piece of envelope art.

  2. A funny and greatly drawn envelope!

    And oh wow, such a beautiful photo of the eclipse!

  3. I'd like a copy of the eclipse photo for the wall behind me. NOVA did an interesting episode on the eclipse this afternoon. I caught most of it and look forward to seeing it from the beginning. There was a similar photo on the show and it reminded me of this photo, so I had to come back for another look.

    The parts about the sun's corona were just as mesmerizing and informative. Seeing the "diamond ring" and knowing it had a name was worth standing still for. I learned this was the first time an eclipse spanned the USA from coast to coast in 100 years. I'm almost convinced to hang around for the 2014 event. :) Thanks!