Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse

Today is the big day, when the first total eclipse in to cross the continental USA in 99 years occurs, with a partial eclipse visible over the entire North American continent.

What better envelope to celebrate with than this excellent one from Cathy O.

The stamp shows the corona of the sun, only visible when the surface of the sun is blocked by the moon. USPS has really issued two stamps in one, as, when warmed, the thermochromic printing process reveals the ghostly surface of the moon.

The rest of the fun July envelopes came from...

 Jean - this one didn't scan well, it is bright pink in reality - and Troy - some stylish calligraphy.

Debbie made an envelope from a beautiful illustrated book page.

Amy put together this fascinating collage on her envelope.

And Tina used some sort of reveal-the-color technique. I am not 100% sure how she did it, as the black layer looks like it is stuck to the rainbow layer. Regardless, a great effect.


  1. Hi Phillip - clever eclipse stamp - so interesting to see and read about ... lots of other wonderful envelopes too - cheers Hilary

  2. The eclipse envelope is so clever!
    Did/will you see (a part of) the eclipse today?

    1. Got to see the total eclipse down in nashville. Incredible event - a first for me.

    2. Great that you've seen it!

      And yes, it is an incredible, very special and unforgettable event. I happened to see a complete one during my stay in Central America, in 1991, and it was amazing. Even the birds got silent. And one of my fellows who stayed in an other village nearby, told that the chicken who first were walking, eating, suddenly stood still once the eclipse began.
      A couple of years ago there was a partial one here in NL, during which the birds didn't stop doing their business, but the special atmosphere felt the same.
      Happy to read that you have enjoyed it, too!

    3. The darkness of the sky with the black disc of the blotted out sun and white corona was incredible - I felt like I was on an alien planet for a couple of minutes. The cicadas thought it was night time and start being loud. Clouds covered the sun a few minutes after the totality, so I felt very lucky to see it. A special event for sure. There is another one coming to the US in 7 years, so hopefully weather conditions are good then :)

    4. Thank you for sharing your experience! It is so much more than the - wonderful - visual happening.

      Hope you'll enjoy the next one, too!
      Thinking about 7 years, I wonder if the internet, blogging etc. still willbe the same as now..