Wednesday, August 23, 2017

United Nations part I

The UN issued 17 stamps that promote seventeen sustainable goals. I think this set has a very appealing graphic design.

Sent out to recipients in 6 different countries.

Any guesses as to the six?


  1. hmm Lucky who ever they are Eric France, me in the USA (: one to Canada, one to Brazil, one to the UK & one to China?

    that is the best I can do, not sure of all the names but countries will have to be enough for a few points

    1. To Eric in France, yes.

      To the USA, yes (but not to you - you got one of the Smurfs, I believe).

      3 points!

  2. Replies
    1. I did not send one to Morocco, but the person who lives there most of the time did receive one ;)

      1 point.

    2. Ah, we can receive points! Then I'll continue :-)

      One to Greece.
      And one to Hillary (I don't know where she lives, I guess US?)

    3. And do mailings inthe past count, too?
      To the Netherlands :-)

      Again thank you so much for !!

    4. I didn't send one to Greece, but yes, one to you in the Netherlands :)