Wednesday, December 12, 2018

November exchange from Fatima

This came from Fatima as part of Jean's November envelope exchange.

The colors are perfect for fall, and the decorations very much make me think of the Christmas season. You can't appreciate the beautiful shimmer of the metallic ink as the scanner doesn't do a good job of capturing it.

Love how the colors match the liberty bell stamp, and also how nice the blue airmail centenary pops against the orange.

And to top it off, a lovely seal on the back that traveled really well, despite the envelope going through the franking machine twice.


  1. L'enveloppe est très jolie ,on pense aux feux d'artifice et aux lampions et le sceau donne un vrai cachet à l'enveloppe,l'écriture est vraiment superbe ! Bravo à son auteur

    1. I love that you thought of fireworks and lanterns when looking at this - a perfect description.

  2. Replies
    1. I think if you use the correct type of wax (I believe it is higher quality, more expensive) then it usually survives and doesn't crack or fall off.