Monday, December 31, 2018

Top 10

Jean's blog recently had its millionth hit! She asked me how many my blog has had - turns out I've a way to go to 1 million - 170,000 so far.

Looking at the stats page it made me realize it's been a while since I looked at which posts on the blog are the most popular.

So to wrap up 2018, here is the current top 10, and there's a new number one!

1 (-) V is for Vanishing Trades (2018) 

2 (1) Edelweiss Post (2016)*

3 (-) A-Z Challenge reflections post (2017)

4 (-) Artistamps from TicTac (2017)

5 (-) D is for Dragons (2018)

6 (-) Banana from Dorothea (2017)

7 (-) B is for a Butterfly from Belgium (2018)

8 (2) St Valentine's Day (2015)*

9 (-) An octopus named Hank (2017)

10 (-) Jean-san (2017)

(* indicates a former number one)

Do you have a favorite from the list?

Or maybe one not on the list?

And in case you were worried there wouldn't be a picture today, in honor of one of my favorite sets of stamps released in 2018, here is a pictorial postmark on an envelope sent to Eva (from her blog). This is the official postmark from the American Philatelic Stamp Show held in Columbus this year.


  1. Replies
    1. I like how it is placed so you can see the head of the black dragon clearly.

    2. Yes, it was perfectly placed, and a very nice surprise!

      I am also far from a million...

    3. It is funny that since I posted the top 10, Hank the Octopus has climbed a few numbers :)