Monday, November 11, 2013

3D address 2 - air mail art

Tony M has a great mail art blog.

Currently he is running the 4th World Day of Faux Stamp Artists celebration. This is being run in conjunction with La Poste, the French post office, so that they will actually allow mail to be sent to Tony with a fake stamp. I cannot imagine that happening with the USPS.

This time I used google translator to get a better idea of what I should be doing :)

I liked the 3D effect on the envelope I sent to Jean W, so thought one for Tony would be good. I accompanied it with a faux stamp. The only letter I'm not super happy with is the V, but not sure if there is a better solution.

And playing around Warhol-style... (I sent these to Tony)...


It arrived! This one did get cancelled, and also managed to gain an 'FD' stamp, which, as far as I can gather means 'false direction', meaning it probably went astray in the system for a day or two.

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