Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Envelope 110

I think the pattern on the dress and background was unusual enough to make it into an envelope, but also hard to choose a stamp for it. This is one made of thin, glossy magazine paper - not the most durable.

Probably not one of my most creative ones; fortunately the next one sent to Jean W was better.

Envelope 110:

Stamp chosen to somewhat match the pink (pity there isn't a pink 'waves of color' stamp - although maybe the $1 waves stamp would have been better...)

Lettering colored to match the stamp. I did like how the blue looks with this font:

And the back:

I didn't realize how obvious the underwear was until after it was stamped,addressed and sealed to send! Ah, well, such is life. Don't worry, I don't think there'll be an 'underwear' subseries.


  1. i can't see any underwear. but someone should make a little sticker that looks like underwear (or a diaper) to put on the 2013 madonna and child u.s. postage stamp. i was at the p.o. on friday and mentioned to my friendly postal workers that i was surprised that they chose a full monty on the baby jesus this year. they had not noticed because they are still selling 2012 madonna/baby stamps. they didn't like the 2013 choice one bit. and it is also one of the *creepy* jesus babies. he has an odd face and is strangely muscular for an infant. there is a whole website devoted to creepy jesus babies.
    i'm not going to even bring this up on my blog. i wait and see if anyone delves far enough into your website to see this....and then comments.

  2. Be happy you're not in Spain - their madonna and child has Mary with one boob out!

  3. personally, after all the art history in college, none of these images bother me. i am just aware that there are still some very conservative people - so, i try to keep things very neutral. plus, i enjoy keeping everything appropriate for children. i only push some of the envelopes...not all.