Saturday, November 23, 2013

Envelope 94

I forgot to scan the envelope before I put the stamp on. From what I've seen, the Johnny Cash stamp is proving to be very versatile, something I wouldn't have expected.


This is another one made form glossy magazine paper. I'll be avoiding it in the new set as it is very flimsy, and the recipient almost threw it away as it looked like just another piece of mail advertising! Just as well the address was pretty bold.


And, as always, the back. I like the pattern the violins made, and love the legs that wrap around from the front.

I sent this one locally - this is another one that arrived uncencelled and unlabeled by the PO.


  1. if you have recipients who are almost throwing things away....i think you need to start educating them. send a postcard alerting them to the fact that they will be receiving a piece of mail art. pleeeeze don't let their un-informed-ness alter your choice of materials. that would be something worse than letting a tail wag a dog. i'll have to do some come up with an analogy to illustrate how bad it would be to forgo certain kinds of paper, just because the recipients have not yet learned about mail art. as mary jones says: that is just my opinion, but i am right.

  2. Haha, I like it, a pre warning of imminent mail art.

    I really don't like the glossy paper, it tears too easily and is very unforgiving of anything sticky coming near it by accident (labels, stamps). I'll be avoiding it in future unless I see stunning images.

  3. but taming the challenging papers gives you so much power and prestige and peace of mind, comfort, serenity...all the things that other people pay a lot of money to get it for free...just by taming paper.

  4. That's an interesting viewpoint.... maybe when I feel good about doing well with non-glossy paper I'll reconsider ;)