Friday, November 22, 2013

Finnbadger envelope on local French TV station...


Tony M's blog post today has a link to a TV segment about him and his Mail Art/Faux Stamps and my 3D envelope shows up in the clip!

Link to TV video (all in French). The link takes you to the start of the segment about him. 

Here's a screen capture.



  1. congrats on becoming an international mail artist. do you know where to find all the other calls for entries?

  2. Thanks... didn't know about that. Lots of drama in their forum... a bit sad to see.

  3. welcome to the world of artists. you've heard of the artistic temperament? and
    as my boss always reminded me, when i was working as a graphic designer: you artists are a dime-a-dozen. at first i thought he was just trying to belittle me. but, eventually, i came to appreciate that an interest in art is universal. tons of people are interested in art. it does not require some special gene. anyone with time and motivation can seek out a good mentor and do very well. then...when artists form groups, as you say, there is always a lot of drama. because there are so many opinions flying....and i have to pause here and restructure the comments. this is too lengthy a topic to pile into one pp....more later

  4. I don't doubt that drama can be good for creativity at times. Currently I am happy with low drama.