Thursday, November 28, 2013

Envelope 102

I was leafing through the envelopes to send Jean a better one than last time, and came across this.

This stamp, one of 2012's Earthscapes, ended up being a perfect match. I was really surprised that an envelope made in 1992 would, 20 years later, match a stamp almost perfectly. Jean liked it, and called it 'whirl-badger', which I like.

I decided to let the stamp be the focus, and went with simple addressing. I do like how nice this font (Gill sans) looks on the envelopes, this may end up being my default.

And, as always, the back. I like how 2 of the flaps were dark, and 2 (mostly) red. Unintentional, as always.


  1. and don't forget your options with any given font. sometimes all caps looks nice. sometimes all lower case looks nice. and in some situations, mixing caps and lower case in non-traditional ways is the way to go. then, there is flush left, centered, flush right. also, putting in extra spaces to justify the lines. mixing point sizes. i could go one, but, will refrain. and you may prefer to just stick with the conventional format. i am not opposed to that at all.

  2. typo in my comment - should have been *i could go on*

  3. That's a great reminder about options within a font. I contemplated having the address be in concentric arcs, but in the end wanted the focus on the stamp-envelope relationship.