Thursday, September 4, 2014

MMSA Honi C Collage challenge part 1

Every now and again Karen invites an MMSA participant to provide sheets of images/patterns/text which are to be used as the main focus of postcard art to be swapped.

If you'd like to see the collage sheets provided by Honi C they are here.

Here are two designs I sent in for the swap:

And here is the design I sent to the host for running the show so efficiently and creatively, as well as to Honi C for creating the sheets. It was my attempt to arrange two collage items in a Rothko-esque style.

I received cards from Karen S (great dark blue/purple/black background - a good match for those winter flower stamps, Jean), and Jenny R (this is the addressed side using some more of the text).

The front of Jenny's card, as well as Honi's reply to me using items from her own collage sheet.

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