Tuesday, September 16, 2014

29 faces in september part III: envelopes

7/29: #380 to Adrienne

These people look like they're having fun.

I think this is the first appearance of the global ocean temperatures stamp on the blog. It's not my favorite stamp, however I think it looks great here.

Apparently the rest of the US likes it, as it has completely sold out, as has the 2013 global forever stamp, which I like more. So currently if you want a global stamp you have to buy last year's holiday wreath. Until late October when you can buy this year's holiday wreath.  (I really hope they do other designs and not just a new wreath each year).

The back.


8/29: #98 to Karen

This is one of the 20-year-old envelopes.


Addressed. The scanner acting up again - I kinda like this version. Plus I couldn't get it to scan correctly once the address label was on.

Scanner handling the reverse just fine.


9/26: #103 to Hester

This is another one of the originals.

I like placing the poets stamps over other faces or eyes.


I like the colors and patterns appearing on the back


  1. thank you! Fun envelope to receive!

  2. love my Bono envelope. How timely to receive it the week the U2 album was foisted upon the unsuspecting.

    I'm totally with you on the global stamp. I much preferred the old one. I call this one the "We're all going to die" stamp.

    1. I didn't even realize I had sent your envelope the same week as the free U2 download.

      Stamps that I bought but felt that they looked awful were the choreographer stamps. However, in October I have a couple of envelopes where they look pretty good, so maybe it's all about context.