Monday, September 22, 2014

29 faces in september part VI: envelopes 381, 359 &198

16/29: # 381 to Currie

There were several candidate stamps for this one, however I really liked the circus stamp. I've had a hard time using them as they tend to be quite dominant on an envelope (plus the large ones are extra large).

The back


17/29: #359 to Cathy

If only I had one of the Star Wars stamps for this one. I do like the smile on Gwendolyn Brook's face on this stamp.

The back.


18/29: #198 for Rose

Sometimes the scanner doesn't do so well with white edges.

The first appearance of Miles Davis on the blog, I think.

And the back.


  1. OMG, that is Bryan Ferry on the back...of the last envelope, Roxy Music, later Slave to Love and on and on...

    1. Avalon, Jealous Guy... definitely one of my favorite bands.