Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Guess the stamp game week 5

MMSA ran a handmade envelope challenge - perfect for me!

I sent in 5 envelopes for the exchange and one for the host. As a mini-bonus for the recipients I included a stamp inside the envelope.

The game is for you to see if you can guess which stamp I included for each envelope.

Answer to last week's game:

Alan Shepard, first American in space stamp.

I think that's one of the ones Hester mentioned, so she's on 2 points with jean on 1.5. All the guesses were great - I would never have thought about one of the Hello stamps, but one of them would be perfect, plus Johnny Cash looks good with almost everything. 

Today's envelope: #187


  1. oh, difficlut one. So mant stamps would match. I am going with Ray Charles for the first choice and as a back up, Miles Davis.

  2. Sadly, none of the above. The geometric lines made me think of the Pioneers of Industrial Design stamps for this one.