Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bonus post - Christmas stamps

This is one of the UK Christmas stamps. I think the colors and themes remind me a lot of the US winter fun stamps.

I would love to be able to send this year's Christmas cards using the Guernsey Christmas stamps, which were designed by school children, and are shaped like ornaments - click the image for a larger view.

I really like the Magi stamps this year. I don't think any other country has quite the selection of Christmas/holiday/winter stamps that the USA has - this link takes you to the holiday stamps available this year. USPS also likes to hoard past Christmas issues, which is great. I just wish they had better stamps at other times of year (like Halloween!)

Anyone have any favorites from this or any other year?

Here are Jean's favorites. I'm familiar with the gingerbread houses...

...and the ornaments, both still available at USPS,...

...but this is the first time I've seen these super-modern stamps - quite a bold step for the post office, I think.


  1. gingerbread houses. also the brightly colored contemporary ornaments. and a few years ago there was a set of 4 using bright colors, acid green and purple and the images were very contemporary and stylized.

    1. I added the houses and the ones I *think* you're referring to. They are pretty cool!

  2. Me too, I I would love to be able to send the Guernsey Christmas stamps!

    1. I always thought that the round, global holiday stamp from the US is well-suited for an ornament design. I Like the wreaths, but I hope they do something different next year.