Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Envelopes 421, 467 and 351

I haven't answered many mail art calls, however I liked Liberty's one for Hands and Feet.

I had this in my stack of envelopes.

And I thought it went well with all the hands on the Go Green stamps turning things.

Addressed in green, on the arm.


Eva also had a mail art call that I answered. Hers is for anything to do with the Wizard of Oz. I thought envelope #467 would fit the bill. 

I really wanted to fit 3 Johnny Cash stamps in the black space, but no go. In the end I really liked the effect of Johnny plus a butterfly high in the clouds.

Addressed. I colored in the black town on top of the almost-transparent label.

And the back.

This envelope also had a graphic liner effect (nothing to do with Oz, though).

I almost sent Eva this next one, as she had mentioned the farmers market stamps. Terrie's postcard was sitting right next to Eva's in the reply pile, so she received #351.

(And this is the scanner having its usual meltdown over a white edge)

I like the way the stamp is not easy to recognize immediately.


And the back.


  1. I like the green envelope. The Go Green stamps match perfectly like it was a boxed set. Love how you "tattooed" the address on the arm.

    1. I love how the three commenters liked each of the envelopes. My choice here was to either put the stamps or the address on the arm, and I went with the address.

      The green envelope struck me as one that would never have a stamp, and I think the Go Green stamps are tough to find good envelope 'homes' for. Somehow I managed to put the two together.

  2. all the envelopes and stamp fit the themes perfect. but the best is the butterfly in the storm. really liked that one for OZ

    1. I don't have that many of the 66c butterflies left. They are perfect in so many situations, probably because I tend to be drawn to black and white, and blue. And they are great for airmail because 66c + 49c = the international rate of $1.15.

  3. Your envelopes are amazing. I'm jealous of Terrie! ;-)
    Have I told you that I published the envelope in the blog?
    I think it fits perfectly in the project, and it is the only envelope I've got, the rest being postcards (so far).
    Thanks again!
    (Something for you in the mail next week)

    1. Thank you. I am looking forward to receiving your mail.

      I did see that you blogged about my envelope - I usually check your blog, then your two projects to see if there's anything new. I went and took a second look at the envelope - and noticed something new about it, so I left you a comment.