Sunday, December 7, 2014

Envelope exchange from Alyce, plus bonus envelopes

This came from Alyce. Color pencil added to some of the letters and loops is so effective in the right hands, i.e. Alyce and Jean. I doubt I could pull this off even half as well.

When I turned it over to open it, this line was mysteriously written on the back.

And inside was, as advertised, the exchange envelope.

Turns out the post office had delivered it straight back to Alyce - I guess the sorting machine must have read the return address on the back, even though the zip is larger and clearer on the front.

As a thanks for the bonus envelope, I sent Alyce #279, another one from an old Rothko calendar.

I even brought myself to part with the second of my sheet of Earthscape stamps.

Simple address.


  1. You are right Finn.. Alyce has a very nice touch. I really enjoy Akim lettering done right. My akim always seems contrived, I just can't get loose with it. Alice's version seems so casual. Love it.
    Jack Moore