Friday, December 19, 2014

MMSA black and metallic part 2

Two more dragons for this swap.

All of these cards look different in person as the scanner does not do them justice. 

Two I received from Carroll D and Karen S.

And a bonus artistamp from Carroll - I really love her artwork.


  1. More Dragons? I was not going to miss this post! Is a Dragoon of Dragons? or could it be a Squadron of Dragons? not sure... either way thanks for more Dragons on Dragon Business, love these guys

    1. Glad you like them so much.

      I looked online for the collective noun... and there are lots of options! The first four seem to more-or-less accepted as 'official', but I like a lot of the others I came across, in particular nimbus, dread and desolation.

      A horde
      A drive
      A blaze
      A flight
      A stumble
      A nimbus
      A clutch
      A storm
      A desolation
      A squadron
      A rage
      A reign
      A talon
      A dread
      A terror
      ...of dragons

      So take your pick.