Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Boxing Day

A day for games and lounging around the house recovering from the post-Christmas feast in many English-speaking countries. 

Unless you are up for post-Christmas sales in some countries. 

And unless you are in the US, in which case you have to work, even though this year the 26th is a Friday - just how much work do you really think will be getting done?

This heavy piece of mail arrived:

From the back it is easier to see that it is a travel game of checkers.

And the vignette on the back of the board.

I wasn't quite sure who it was from, so I went looking on the web. Laurence G uses the same striking address labels, and the boy and girl are common stamps she uses in her mail art. Of course if I had looked closely at the moon, I would have noticed it is embossed with her name and address!

I was wondering what to send back to Laurence. None of the envelopes were jumping out at me, then a few days after receiving the little game this appeared on my trash can.

And the back. I have never seen such a thing, and the lid has been slightly damaged for over two years!! And crazily I need an appointment for them to repair it?

Perfect! Not sure if it counts as trashpo, but it certainly counts as upcycling, as it would definitely have ended up in the garbage otherwise. Sorry, Janis, the colors on your stamp are too good of a compliment to this bright pink thing that is going on a trip across the pond.


It made it to France, and was hand cancelled beautifully by someone at the post office.

And I didn't need an appointment to have the trash can fixed, just a work order number which took one simple phone call (and my trash can's number, which to be honest I never even noticed before!!)

And now the lid has been replaced and all is well in the world of refuse management.

If you're looking for stamp-related activities today, you can vote in Linn's annual poll of US stamps, or vote for your favorites at USPS stamp blog.


  1. I can confirm little or no work is being done...i did not want to keep in suspence all day long

  2. How fun to get a game in the mail!

    1. Yes, it was a fun surprise. Laurence likes to send unusual items in the mail.