Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mailarteeth special

This is turning into a mini-French series.

For some reason Christophe's mailarteeth blog fascinates me.

Here's a feline dental record turned into an envelope for his project.

Looking at it now, I wish I had put the tiger stamp in the middle of the teeth and written the address along the bottom.

The reverse.


One of the original envelopes, #77, is perfect for Christophe's project. He thinks I am now addicted to it, and I am tending to agree with him.

Globally stamped.

And off to France.


Bonus! Christophe surprised me with mail art earlier this month.

I think he likes his envelopes to be slightly oddly shaped (look at Eric's blog link in the list to the right - there's a recent one from M. Blaise). And hexagonal stamps! I think that a traditional nickname for France is "L'hexagon" because of the country's shape.

Stamps close up.

And, referencing the batman stamps I put on his pumpkinmailarteeth, one of the caped crusader's many enemies - catwoman.


  1. It is a fascinating theme, indeed. I like your envelopes, especially the second.

    I have sent two contributions:

    1. It is a really odd theme - sometimes creepy, sometimes beautiful, always interesting. I noticed your contributions - the weird model of the skull/teeth is quite bizarre looking!