Thursday, December 5, 2013

Smash art

Smash admired the '3-D lettered' envelope I sent to Jean, so I sent her one.

In return, she sent me this piece of art. I think the cleverest part is the red stars that reference the pane of art on the stamp. Even the red hand-cancel fits well with the red tones on the envelope. Genius.

Thanks, Smash!

I think Smash laments the fact that the sorting machine usually apply barcodes, and this one did not escape. I have never noticed the barcode include the full zipcode before, although maybe I haven't been looking closely.


  1. Great envelope and so much texture. All fit so well together.

  2. Hester - I agree, this is a really special piece of mail art.

    Jean - Agreed! It is a nice large envelope (9.5 x 6 in), so it looks more imposing than if it had been a smaller size.