Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bonus holiday envelopes 485, 552, 553, 612 and 613

A few bonus holiday catalog envelopes sent out before Christmas.

To Eva, one from the Philatelic. I always find it hard to break up the four stamps - three would have been enough.

To NancyLee, one from Paper Source

To Trula, another from Philatelic

To Julie S, Circus stamps from the Philatelic catalog

And another paper source to Adrienne


  1. An update from Julie on the circus envelope: "I am afraid that the post office gave up on canceling the stamps and just put a black line through them. They also stamped "postage verified at Milwaukee WI 53203" all over the front."

    I've seen black lines before, but never a postage verified note - interesting!

  2. Hummm.....I have never seen that either! Very nice envelopes.