Friday, January 16, 2015

Envelopes 492, 577 & 590 - Banana Time

November 18th is international banana day, and some of the folks at IUOMA send banana mail to celebrate.

I was late to the game so sent two reversible banana cards to Rebecca in two time-related envelopes.

Card 1:

Banana Time envelopes:

Card 2:

Of course I sealed the envelopes without telling her who I was, so i sent her a third explaining my omission. Always a struggle to find something to match the winter flower stamps, but pod-woman and her weird blue glow came through for me!

Rebecca is also hosting a fantastic mail art call with the title 'Spirit of the Forest'. The deadline is Feb 1. You can see the call and entries here.

Bonus: the Artist in Seine saw Rebecca's IUOMA post about my banana cards, and spontaneously sent me this postcard. I don't know if he has a pact with the devil, but there doesn't seem to be any postage on it. I'm not sure about being an international mail artist yet, but I'll take the compliment!

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