Friday, January 9, 2015

Bonus postcards

A Christmas collage from NancyLee, an MMSA swapper.


A card from the esteemed Taco, via his human, Cara.


I had admired Linda F's series on the 'Theory of Buttons' over at IUOMA. She spontaneously, surprisingly sent me this one "Electrical, solar". Very cool in person, and delivered in great condition despite all the little pieces.

I like the little half circles on the edges - makes me think of buttons that have spun out of their orbits and gone on their own fantastic adventure beyond the solar system, beyond the electrical grid.

The address side is also beautiful.


Kathie M made me laugh when I saw that she had titled this one 'Hot mess - mudslide or brown avalanche?' I think, in this portrait orientation, that it looks like a mountainscape.


Bonus link: Royal Mail has opened an online exhibit to celebrate 50 years of commemorative stamp issues. Browse the exhibit here

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