Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mountain man/city boy

Eva blogged about this kickstarter project, and I decided to take part. I donated at the level where you are able to send postcards to, as well as receive from, MM/CB.

This was sent on Dec 13, and arrived ini just 10 days from Lima. It is an original photograph taken by MM/CB.

For some reason this project makes my own life seem a little bit less significant, a lot less adventurous. Is it weird to live vicariously through postcards from South America? I found it tough to write a response. I wrote it on New Year's Eve, wondering what he was going to be doing. In the end I reminisced about my own trip to Peru a few years ago. Nothing like December 31st for looking back to the past.

This is a digital photograph I took with my phone at an Alt J concert. I often take phone pictures of light effects, looking for something interesting to emerge from random (and sometimes not so random) snapping. The exit sign kept distracting/attracting me as it shone through the lights.


  1. Finn.... This photo is so full of life. Grocery stores in St. Louis looked a lot like this in the 1940's. Arranging the produce area was always a work of art. Thanks for the memories.
    Jack (Legend)

    1. Yes, he sent me a great picture. I think that our mega grocery stores have largely replaced this kind of scene. Every now and again you'll come across this - I remember being in Barcelona and a small store had many samples of women's undergarments in all sizes spread across the outside. Highly entertaining and colorful.

  2. I have alse taken part in the project, but I haven't received any postcard yet... :(
    Well, post to/from Morocco is slower, you know.

    I think you will enjoy little stores in Morocco. But it isn't always easy to buy! Organisation is different. Well, sometimes it just doesn't exist...

    I also wonder if I don't live too much trough mail.

    Love your lights!

    Oh, what a long comment! :D

    1. I hope you get your postcard soon. It is an intriguing project, and I did not expect to feel so introspective when it cam time to write back.