Friday, January 30, 2015

Euro day

Some mail days are better than others. A few weeks ago I received these three fantastic envelopes all on the same day.

Eric wished me Happy New Year with this envelope

and card.

Eva sent me this as a thank you for participating in her open mail art call: Oz Postal Project.

And Philippe sent me this - incredible modern art disguised as an envelope. The metallic ink/paint doesn't show its full glory in a scan.

He included two postcards featuring some of his amazing envelope artistry. If only I could outsource my mail art to him!


  1. These works from Phillippe are THE real mail art!
    My poor freak next to them seems... the supreme freak! :D

    1. Well, I can't compare my own work to his, either. Most of the time I'm just matching colors on a stamp to an envelope - not in the same league for sure! I do still like your freak, though. And the sprinkles on the O look like one of my favorite things - a doughnut.