Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter exchange part 3

This beauty arrived from Candy. The design is taken from one of her paste papers she made, and the snowflakes are embossed, which adds texture. I love the way the serifs on the first 'i' and the 'l's form a diagonal, echoed in the flourish on the 'h'.

This is what the scanner thought of it on first scan. Really crazy how it likes to invert the colors when it senses certain ones. It left the snowflakes silver, though.


Cathy sent me this outstanding take on a Christmas tree. So many clever things going on - the small basketballs as ornaments, Wilt placing the treetopper, the tree itself, and the ornaments with my name that reflect the ornament stamp.

And the note inside has amazing cutout-snowflake edges - delicate, too, you can see where it tore during scanning.


This envelope from Christy is one of the most beautiful of this exchange. The colors of the vintage stamps are perfect for the envelope and script. Thank you.


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