Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter exchange part 2

I love the snowflake stamps from a few years ago. They look fantastic on Jan's envelope.


Clever wreath placement from Saba.

And a neat piece of washi on the back.


A cool snowman from Chuck. Amazing shading!


I love this modern take on a Christmas tree from Elena. It looks so effortless, that I would like to try it, however I bet it is a bit tougher than it looks to get the proportions right.


Jack sent a sharp envelope. I love the tree, and the red stippling behind 'Phillip', and the slanted 'i's. Really neat to have Jimi Hendrix on a winter/holiday envelope.


And a designer snowflake from Eric. I always thought Eric was a graphic designer, but he is not, just self-trained on the computer.


Like the last exchange, Chuck K used the whole envelope. I like the way the mail barcode added to the design of the address.

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