Sunday, April 23, 2017

S is also for Series

This is the second S post after yesterday's Solar System

As promised, here is the follow up from letter N for naked mail art. Most of my mail art goes inside one of my homemade envelopes. And usually they are individual pieces. 

Although I rarely collage, I recently sent out a series of 6 collaged postcards with a vehicular theme.

To Adrienne, Thomas and William

To C. Mehrl Bennett, Keith and J.A.D. Media

Do you like to create collages? Would you make one from random stuff you find in your car/your purse/that messy drawer at home full of 'important' junk?

For bonus points, can you identify where all the pieces come from?


  1. Did all of them arrive? Sent naked, these must be a bit confusing for the sorting machines.

    1. I only know about one of them - it made it to Taiwan in very good time.

  2. Apart from thw metro tickets, the text of the main papers reminds me of the APK keuring,
    Of which I found out via wikipedia that the English name is MOT.

    And yes, I used some random stuff to make collages (Frips in Belgium was the (poor?) receiver of my best rubbish collage.
    I also am planning to make a 'collage of found metal objects', which I had planned to send to Mim for her bicycle mail art project. And the local bike repair man allowed me already to find and grab fallen things on/from the floor in his working space, but I am a little too late to send it... And maybe postage will be 'heavy', too :-)

    1. Yes, a couple of metro tickets (from New York). A good guess on the MOT paperwork, however there is no such thing as MOT in the USA.

      Your metal collage sounds fascinating - I hope you will blog it one day.

    2. Well, not only late to send it.. it hasn't even been finished yet!
      If one day I'll have finished it I will show you :-) Although I don't know if the scanner will survive the front side :-)

    3. I would definitely take a photo rather than damage the scanner.

  3. Interesting series. I have no guess where the items for the collage came from.