Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A series of quiet envelopes to Jean

These were inspired by the 3D lettering I had done, the simplicity of the four designs of the kaleidoscope flower stamps, as well as some 'blocks' of lettering/addresses that Jean showed. I was trying to create a less in-your-face version that seemed quieter. After I sent these I went on to construct a full alphabet.

I also was interested in 'testing' the post office a tiny bit. Someone went above and beyond to get one of them delivered, as Jean blogged


I'm not sure if the rest made it or not...


  1. i have only received 2 of these

    would you please post the one you sent to jan. it is my new all time favorite of yours.

    1. Hopefully the other 2 will make their way to you.

      Your wish is my command!