Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve / Exchange 4

This one arrived from Smash. It falls within the 'exchange' window.

I'm not the most Christmassy person ever, however Smash's writing on this one is stunning. I can't imagine being able to write so well so large. That big red 'g' is spectacular. The colors go really well with the global wreath stamp, too. (Looks like it went through the sorting machine twice - I'm sure Smash will not appreciate the double barcode).

The front:

This is a really clever idea - the writing was done with the envelope opened up, then it was refolded and sealed again.

The back:


  1. Fantastic envelope! Great lettering, Smash.

  2. and i appreciate that grasshopper spent xmas eve tending to envelope blogs. he clearly has his priorities in order.

  3. Thanks for stoping by, Hester, always great to see your comments. And yes, this is a great idea.

    Ha! Christmas Eve was a nice easy day, so plenty of time for the blog, as well as a perusal of some older posts on yours.

  4. I wrote the envelope, cut out shape and glued. In that sequence

    1. Wow, the edges are so crisp I thought you must have used an envelope to start with. Good paper, good scissors, and/or good Smash skills?