Monday, December 30, 2013

Exchange 7 - Mail Art with a capital M

Jan H sent me this piece of mail art - and by mail art I mean MAIL ART.

The stitching of the plastic outer 'case' is hard to appreciate on the scan (that's the zigzag pattern). The scan really doesn't do it justice, as the envelope has a lot of depth due to the layering of the paper strips. The contents look great - and the stamps used are an excellent compliment. I wonder if the contents of the envelope resemble Jan's brain?


  1. as jackson pollock said: Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is. so, yes, the linear strips reflect jan's highly organized inclinations and the diverse patterns that she has created on the strips of paper reflect her creative side and the fact that she has saved her scraps from other projects reflects her resourcefulness. a very nice balance of yin/yang/yung. i had to add that third one. i don't know exactly what it means, but i like things in threes.

  2. Good envie here! Great match up with the stamps. All those minds working to create weaving and sewing.

    1. I'm not sure what year those stamps were released, but they have a very modern / abstract look to them which I like a lot. I wonder if they were well received by the public on release?