Friday, December 20, 2013

Envelope 95 / Exchange 3

Jean W requested this - she wrote that it is her new favorite. Hopefully Jan liked it, too (Jean didn't say). This is one of the vintage ones from 20 years ago, so I have no recollection what the article was about.

As part of the envelope exchange Jean organized, I sent out my handmade envelopes (with 1 exception).

Here's the one I sent to Jan. This one must have been part of a large newspaper sheet as I managed to get the main subject centrally located.

I had a couple of ideas about a stamp for this one to keep with the black and white theme. I really like placing the Johnny Cash stamp in unusual places.... the portrait above the seated woman almost had his face instead. Finally I thought the best choice was the Edith Piaf stamp. The lettering on the stamp is very subtle, you can hardly even see the 'USA' and 'Forever' on it. Even the dark red 'Edith Piaf' doesn't stand out. I liked the contrast between the severe-looking women on the paper and the sophistication of the stamp (and the woman on the inside).

For the address I went with simple sans-serif all caps on either side of the main subject's face.

One of the factors that swayed me to use Edith Piaf's stamp was the fact that the inside of the envelope shows part of a woman's face. 10 bonus points for identifying her.

And, as always, the back. The black and (faded) white gives a nice effect, and there's the third portrait.


  1. thank you. jan loved her envelope. she probably enjoyed watching me gaze longingly at it, wishing it were mine. is the woman in side the envelope catherine deneuve? the top lip does not look right, but the nose looks like hers. somebody at my wed group was talking about framing an envelope. it might have been jan talking about this one. i'll let you know. another person started talking about an exhibit of all these envelopes. i recommend you get an agent to field all the offers you are going to be getting.

  2. p.s. please post all the other envelopes, too. thank you.

  3. Yes, Jan loved it. Yours is on its way.

  4. when will we find out who the lady is on the inside of the envelope??????

  5. Jan - glad you liked it.

    Jean - it is Joanna Lumley

    Both of you - I did like the composition of this envelope, but I had no idea you would both like it that much. I maybe have to do some sort of top 5 from my perspective at the end of the year.