Friday, December 27, 2013

Envelopes 68 and 92 / Exchange 6

Michelle sent me the great racetrack envelope as part of the exchange.

I first sent envelope 92... it is one of the 20 yr old ones, but I think it is a Georgia O'Keefe poppy.

I chose the O'Keefe stamp from the modern art set. I think it may have been a bit too large for the envelope, and perhaps competes too much with it for attention.

I tried to get the address to be a reflection of the red on black, but really it didn't work for me at all. The black is too stark, too square, too something. I felt that I had completely disfigured this envelope!

Fortunately I hadn't touched the back, which I think is stunning. Hopefully if Michelle displays this one she keeps it turned this way!

This is the problem with these unique envelopes. Once they're done, they're done - and so my options were to send it or trash it (and the stamp). So I sent it, and I also decided that Michelle deserved better, and sent her a second homemade envelope. I think this one worked much much better. 

Envelope 68 - another one on flimsy glossy magazine paper.

Stamped - I am really enjoying hiding Mr Cash in the black parts of my envelopes.

Addressed - I tried to evoke the name tags on the astronauts.

This one also came with a fun 'liner' - an orange that reminded me of a rising (or setting) sun.

And of course, the back.

Thanks to the inter webs, I could find out a little bit about the image on this one - it was from Capricorn One, a British film from 1977. Link to IMDB if you're interested.

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