Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finnbadger's First Font

I stumbled across the blog A Letter A Week. It has a great premise of creating a single letter of the alphabet each week of the year, resulting in 2 26-letter series.

The first alphabet has no limitations, the theme of the second one is Peace.

I have almost finished a full alphabet of my 3D letters, and since they are bold and colorful, I created a simpler, related (peaceful) version that is 2D and in black and white, which I used to address this envelope I sent to Jean W. The post office machines had a hard time reading it, as Jean blogged here.


The final premise of ALAW is that the letters should be able to be displayed in some way (I think there have been exhibitions in the past). All letters should be on 7x7cm squares. Here's how I decided to display my peace alphabet, which I dubbed Pacem.

Clipped and under control:

Unclipped and out of control:

The leaning tower of Pacem...

I wanted to see if I could create a useable font, and had a try over at Fontstruct. Easy to use site, you can check it out here: Pacem13 font. Works in photoshop on my MAC, but not microsoft word. 13 comes from the fact that it is 13x13 pixels, so looks closest to my original idea at about 10 pt. I'll try and work on a larger version so that it doesn't size up quite so thick on the lines.


  1. ok're just making me more and more ultimate-er. i'd be itching to try out Fontstruct....but, my ineptitude on computers is at the furthest reaches of an inverted pinnacle.

  2. Jean-san, Fontstruct is very easy, for the most part, and with the simple interface it shouldn't be too hard. Just remember to save often, and make good use of the preview button. But be careful - hours will go by as you try to try 'just one more thing' to see what it looks like.

  3. i like the staples as a design element - and i do not want to lure you too far into the black hole of adhesives...but, would you have any interest in some narrow, double face tape, that makes adhering paper (including envelope seams) very quick and easy?

    thank you for encouragement to try fontstruct. i will put it in the pile of MIWGATTS (maybe i will get around to this someday) pronounced mig-wat (because we are not compulsive about leaving the letters of an acronym in the exact order.)

  4. Thanks for the offer, but I think I have enough supplies for now.

    And I really like your Mig-wat name... sounds like a character (friendly) in a children's book. You can now add writing a story about Mig-wats to your MIWGATTS.