Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Envelope 180 - Christmas Cookies

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by this blog - I appreciate the comments and interest.

I wasn't planning on sending any Christmas-related envelopes, then I found this magazine page...




The 'liner'... what better way to enjoy cookies than with a cocktail?

The back:

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. just checking your blog while i wait for the cinnamon rolls to bake. this is wonderful :-)

  2. 420 (not 440) if you are really going to send it

  3. Glad you like it... I am so annoyed with myself that I botched the address... hope it gets to you anyway.

    And I hope the cinnamon rolls turned out well - I never thought of doing that for breakfast on Christmas Day!

  4. the envelope arrived today, and it wasn't even a regular carrier, so that was good. the glue did not hold the address. the zip code was loose. so, it was lucky that it was had not ripped off. it's another winner.
    cinnamon rolls were great. spent rest of day in food coma.

  5. The narrow strip of paper was not very stable - I think I had to print it out twice as the first time it tore. I'll keep that in mind and try and secure the ends with additional adhesive in future. I'm very pleased it got there after I used the *slightly* incorrect address.